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Services and Products

Provide integrated services with regard to technical requirements of two types of enterprises- the large and medium-sized Emphasis mine / smelting enterprises, emerging small and medium-sized resource enterprises.

Technical consulting and diagnosis: engineering consulting; beneficiation and metallurgical process diagnostic analysis; cleaner production diagnostic analysis of the beneficiation or smelters

Process Mineralogy: beneficiation process mineralogy research on crude ore or secondary resources; the Process Mineralogy of metallurgical products; mineral resources consulting.

Process Experimental Research: beneficiation and metallurgy small process test, Scale-up continuous tests, pilot plant tests of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and other primary mineral resources, beneficiation tailings, smelting slags, electronic wastes and other secondary resources developed and utilized.

Engineering technical services: the process design of patented or proprietary technology engineering applications; designing small concentrator; project construction agency management; industrial production and commissioning services; production agency management of small-sized concentrators.

Characteristic efficient flotation reagent: efficient beneficiation reagent of iron ore; dephosphorization of iron concentrate, efficient sulfur flotation reagent; ferrous metal ore flotation reagent; non-metallic ore flotation reagent.

Environmental protection technology and equipment: wastewater treatment agent of heavy metal ions; soil stabilizer of heavy metal ions; CRIMM series flotation machine; wastewater treatment technology and equipment of ammonia wastewater and beneficiation waste water.

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